The Dashboard
The dashboard gives an overview of all recent activity. When you first register, this page is the first you will see.
The dashboard is divided into three sections: summary, messages and recent activity.


The summary (figure 1) shows you the rank you have achieved. This rank is a reflection of your total score, which is shown right below the rank. Click on the icon or on your rank title to see an overview of all possible ranks. You can change the gender of the ranks in the settings.
Below the rank you can see your total score. You receive points for each sentence you read and bonus points for finishing a story.
You can also see how many stories you have started and how many stories you have finished reading.

figure 1


The messages section shows all the recent direct messages you have received and sent (figure 2). You receive a welcome message when you register, but you can also send a direct message to other users who follow you (see the user profile).

figure 2

Recent activity

The Recent activity section (figure 3) shows the stories you have recently read. The most recently read story will be ranked first. You can immediately start reading a story from the dashboard by clicking on the blue 'Continue reading' button.

figure 3

You can always go back to the dashboard by clicking on the Jazyk logo in the top left hand corner of the screen.