Sending a message
You can send a direct message to users who follow you as well as to administrators. You can see the list of those users at the bottom of your profile, under 'followers' .

There are two ways you can send a message to another user.

1. From the profile

You can send a direct message to another user right from the profile of that particular user. You will see a 'Send Message' button at the bottom if this user is on your followers list (figure 1).

figure 1: Send message button

Clicking on this button gives you a field where you can enter a message to this particular user (figure 2). Click on the green 'send' button to send the message to this user's inbox.

figure 2: message field

2. From the inbox

You can create a new message from the inbox. Click on the 'Actions' button at the top right and select 'New message' (figure 3).

figure 3: message actions menu

You will the see a dropdown list with all the users who follow you:

figure 4: message

Select one of the users from the dropdown list, enter a message into the field and click on the 'Send' button to send the message to the selected user. You can see your message in the 'Sent' tab of the messages page.