Your public profile
Your profile contains data about you or your activity that other users can see. The easiest way to access your profile is by clicking on the avatar (image) next to your user name at the top of the screen (figure 1):

figure 1: the gravatar

You will see a profile similar to the one below:
figure 2: your public profile

Name, location, native language and bio:The first four fields are only visible if you've added those yourself. You can change this information by clicking on the orange edit button at the top which will bring you to the profile update page.

Join date: this is the day you signed up to Jazyk. A truly memorable day.

Rank, points and trophies: You can see these in more detail on the score page.

Network: This shows you the people you follow on Jazyk and those who follow you. The buddies list contains the people you follow who also follow you back. You can only send mail to people who follow you.

You can see the people in the list by clicking on either of these lists (figure 3), but only if this is your own profile. If you are looking at another user's profile, you can see the number of followers, followed and buddies, but you won't be able to see who is in the list.

figure 3: your network

Click on the blue 'View' button to see the profile of another user.

If you're looking at the profile of someone who follows you, you will also see a button 'Send Message'. Clicking on this button gives you a field where you can enter a message to this particular user (figure 4). Click on the green 'send' button to send the message to this user's inbox.

figure 4: message input box