My stories
At the top of the reading list, to the right of the language selectors is a dropdown (figure 1) where you can select 'My stories'. This will only show the stories you have selected, either by starting a story or by pinning it from the story card.

figure 1

Adding stories to 'My stories'

When you start a story, it is automatically added to your 'My stories' list. If you don't want to start a story yet, but want to add it to your list, you can do so by using the pin icon at the bottom right of the story card (figure 2). The pin icon will turn blue to indicate it has been added to the list.

figure 2

Removing stories from 'My stories'

There are two ways to remove a story from your 'My stories' list. The first is to click on the blue icon pin at the bottom right of the story card. The pin icon will then turn grey to indicate it has been removed.
The second way to remove a story from the 'My stories' list is to go to the list by selecting 'My stories' from the dropdown. The story cards will now show a button 'Remove from my list' (figure 3) which will remove the story from the 'My stories' list.

figure 3