Earning points

You earn points for each sentence you read or listen to. You get extra points for a correct fill-in test in the listening exercises. You also get some extra points for adding translations and a large bonus for finishing a story.
The points you receive for a sentence depends on the number of words in the sentence and the difficulty of the story.

The bonus points awarded for finishing a story depend on the number of words in the story and the difficulty of the words in the story.

You can read or listen to a story more than once, but with each repeat you receive less points, both per sentence and for the finishing bonus.

There are also some point earned during flashcard sessions (although the points are much lower here).

You can see the points you have earned on the results page at the end of your session (figure 1).

figure 1: points and trophies

Points total

You can see the total amount of points you have earned on the dashboard (figure 2) and in the user menu (by clicking on your username). The total number of points determines the rank title you're given. Go to the scores page to see a breakdown of which stories earned you the most points.

figure 2: points total on the dashboard