Score overview
The Score page shows an overview of the trophies and points you have earned.

Accessing the score page

You can access the page either by clicking on your points total displayed on the dashboard (figure 1) or by selecting 'score' from the user menu (accessed by clicking on your username in the black navigation bar at the top of the page, see figure 2).

figure 1: dashboard summary with your total score

figure 2: user menu

Score page

The score page is divided into three sections:

At the top you see your rank and the total number of points you have earned. (figure 3)
figure 3: rank

Right below you can see all the trophies you have earned (figure 4). Click on the 'show trophies' button to see an overview of all possible trophies available.
figure 4: trophies

Points breakdown
Finally you can see a breakdown of your points for each story you have started (figure 5). A checkmark indicates the story has been read at least once. If a story has been read more than once, you can see the amount of times the story was read right after the title of the story, between square brackets.
figure 5: points breakdown

There are three tables available: the first lists the stories you've been reading, the second the ones you've been listening to and the last one lists the stories for which you've been learning vocabulary.