You can not only earn points by reading or listening to sentences, you can also be awarded trophies. Each trophy you earn is displayed on your score page, where you can also see an overview of all available trophies by clicking on the 'Show all trophies' button. Your trophies are also shown on your public profile.

How to earn trophies

There are several ways to obtain a trophy:

E-mail verification trophy
E-mail address: The first, and probably easiest, way is by having your e-mail address certified. You can activate this by clicking on the 'Verify your email address' button on the settings page.

Trophy for reading a story
Finishing a story: You can also get trophies for finishing a story. There are separate trophies for reading stories completely, as well as listening to audio stories and completing listening tests. There are also different trophies depending on the length of the stories; e.g. for reading stories there are trophies for finishing a story with 100+ sentences, a trophy for finishing a story with 1000+ sentences on top of the tropy for finishing any story.

Trophy for a long session
Long sessions: You can also earn trophies by reading many sentences in a single session. There are different trophies for long reading, listening and test sessions; for each type there are three trophies, depending on the length of the session.

Trophy for translations
Translations: Another way to earn trophies is by submitting translations for the sentences. There are three different trophies which depend on the number of translations you submitted in one session.

Trophy for sessions
Sessions: You can also be awarded a trophy for having completed a certain number of session, either reading or listening.

Trophy for upvotes
Translations: Finally if many people upvote your translation, you can also receive several trophies, depending on the number of upvotes you have received.