Email settings
E-mail settings can be specified in the settings menu, which can be accessed via the user dropdown menu (click on your user name on the black navigation bar at the top) by selecting 'settings'. In the following screen, click on 'Email'.

If you haven't verified your email address yet you will only see a 'verify your email address' button (figure 1).

figure 1: Email settings

If you want your mail verified (to receive email notifications from Jazyk) press the button 'Verify your email address'. This will send an email to the email address with which you registered (check your spam folder). Click on the link provided in the email. You will see the following message if the verification is successful (figure 2).

figure 2: Email address confirmation

As soon as your mail address has been verified, you will be able to change your email settings (figure 3):

figure 3: Email opt-in

If you enable the 'Receive info' toggle you may receive emails with information, promotions or reminders. Currently there is no mailing, but this may change in the future. By default the setting is disabled, so you won't receive any mails unless you enable it here.