Start reading your first story
Once you've successfully logged in you will see a 'Read' link in the black navigation bar at the top of your screen. Click on this link and you will see a list of available stories.

1. Select your languages

Before you click on one of the stories, make sure the languages displayed at the top are correct (see figure 1). The left language is the language you want to read in. The right one is the target language, ideally your native language. This is the language into which you can see translations of sentences. You can change the languages by selecting a different language from the dropdown list.

figure 1: language selection

2. Select a story

Below the language list you can see a list of stories, by default sorted by difficulty, with the easiest stories at the top. To get started, simply click on the green 'Start reading' button on the story of your choice (figure 2).

figure 2: a story card

3. Reading sentences

For each sentence, you can indicate if you think you understand the sentence. You will see three big square buttons (see figure 3) Click on either 'Yes', 'Maybe' or 'No'. If you have a keyboard, you can also use the shortcut keys 1 for 'Yes', 2 for 'Maybe' and 3 for 'No'.

figure 3: answer buttons

After clicking on either of the three buttons you will see translations of the sentence if they are available. If there is no translation available you are able to create a machine translation (depending on the source language).

If you selected 'Yes', you will also be able to add your own translation (see figure 4). Click on 'Submit translation' to save it. Make sure you write it in the correct language!

figure 4: sentence translations

If you selected either 'Yes' or 'Maybe' you can also up- or downvote existing translations.

If you selected 'No' you can see the translations and if none are available, you can generate a machine translation.

In case you selected 'Maybe' and if there are translations available, you are also able to change your answer from Maybe to Yes or No by clicking on either of two new buttons shown in figure 5.

figure 5: change your answer

Click on the green 'Next Sentence' button to see the following sentence.

4. Stop reading

If you want to quit your reading session click on the red x in the top right hand corner of the screen (see figure 6).

figure 6: exit icon

You will then see a confirmation prompt (figure 7):
figure 7: exit confirmation
Click 'Yes' to stop reading, 'No' to cancel and continue reading.

For more information on reading sentences, including word translations, reading context, suggestions and results, see Read a story.