Search stories
You might already know the name of a story you want to read or you want to read a story of a particular author. This is where the 'search' function comes in handy. Above the list of stories, right next to the filter you can see a search button (figure 1). Note that you can only search a list if you have no filter selected, so if you can't see the search button, make sure to clear the filter.

figure 1: the search button

Clicking on this button will activate the search field (figure 2):

figure 2: the search field

Enter a search query and click on the magnifying glass (or press the 'Enter' key) to initiate the search. You will now see a list of all the stories that were found. (figure 3)

figure 3: Search result for the query 'horla'

Note that the stories that are searched depend on the active list (read, listen or glossary) you have selected. So if you are in the glossary list, but the story you are looking for does not have a glossary, it will not show up here.

You can clear the search by clicking on the red 'x' (figure 2). Now all the stories for the list are shown again.