My glossary
If you already know most of the words in a story and only want to learn a subset of them or if you want to change the translation of the words, you can place those words in your own glossary.

1. Accessing my glossary

You access your own glossary the same way you access the default Jazyk glossary, by clicking on the 'glossary' button in the 'glossary' tab of a story card (figure 1). Not all stories have a glossary, if you only want to see stories with glossaries, click on 'Glossaries' in the main navigation bar.

figure 1: the glossary button

You now see the default glossary, with all the words available for this story. To access your own glossary, click on the 'My words' tab (figure 2).

figure 2: your own (empty) glossary

If you haven't added any words to your own glossary yet this list will be empty. You can add words from the main glossary (see below).

2. Adding words to my glossary

You can add words to your own glossary from the main (default) glossary provided by Jazyk. Click on the 'Glossary' tab to go back to this glossary.

To the right of each word, you can see a grey pin. Simply click on this pin to add it to your glossary (figure 3).

figure 3: Add to 'my glossary'

If you want to add all the words from Jazyk's glossary to your own glossary at once, click on the large pin right above the list of words (figure 4). Click on the 'My words' tab to see all the words that are in your glossary.

figure 4: Add all words to 'my glossary'

A third way to add a word to your own glossary is available when you read or listen to a story. Here you can click on a word which shows an info box for this word. In this box, click on the button 'add to my glossary' (figure 5).

figure 5: Add a word to 'my glossary' from the info box

3. Removing words from my glossary

You can remove a word from your glossary by clicking on the remove icon (the red 'x') to the right of the word (figure 6). If you don't see an 'x', make sure you are in your own glossary (click on the 'My words' tab).

figure 6: the edit and remove icons

4. Editing translations in my glossary

You can edit the translations for a word by clicking on the edit icon (a blue pencil) to the right of the word (figure 6). This will put the translations in edit mode (figure 7).

figure 7: translations in edit mode

Use a new line or a | (pipe symbol) to separate multiple translations. Click on the checkmark to update the translations or on the 'x' to cancel the updates.

5. Using your glossary

Now that you have your own glossary with the words you want to learn and your own translations you can use them as flash cards to memorize them.