Review a story
Once you've finished reading a story, you will see a new 'review' button appear on the story's story card, either in collapsed form (figure 1) or in expanded form (figure 2).

figure 1: revision button in a collapsed story card

figure 2: revision button in an expanded story card

Click on the Review button to open the review page. The review page shows all the sentences with your answers (yes/maybe/no) together with the most popular translation, if available.

1. Chapters

If the story has chapters you will first see an overview of the chapter headers (figure 3) with the number of sentences between parentheses. Click on one of the headers to see all the sentences in the chapter.
figure 3: chapters

2. Review sentences

Once you've clicked on a chapter (or if there are no chapters), you'll see the sentences on the left, and a translation (if available) on the right (figure 4). Hover over a sentence to see the corresponding translation highlighted.

figure 4: review sentences

3. Translations

Click on a translation on the right hand side of the screen to see all possible translations for a particular sentence (figure 5). If you haven't done so already, you can also add another translation for all the 'green' sentences (i.e. those to which you answered 'yes'). In addition, if available, you can also fetch a machine translation.
If you have already provided a translation, it will be denoted by a green checkmark.

figure 5: review translations